What Is Raheem Sterling Religion?

Sterling is an English pro footballer born on December 8th, 1994, in the capital of Jamaica, Kingston. But, the UK is all he knows since his fifth year when his family decided to move to London.

He is presently the forward for one of themost successful clubs in Britain – Chelsea. But, before singing them, he’s been with other Premier League champions like Liverpool and Manchester City.

Though he’s only 28 years old, he already has a bag full of titles and achievements. Moreover, he’s also the man that took a firm public stand against racism since he was also the subject of racial abuse and criticism.

Britain itself even recognized his contribution to his fight for racial equality. In 2021, he was honoured with an MBE(Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) title for his efforts to support racial equality in sports.

However, he’s also a hot topic when it comes to religion. This is probably provoked by his name – which is common in Islam.

Therefore, many of his fans and the general public are curious: is Raheem Sterling Christian or is Raheem Sterling Muslim?

Raheem’s Religion, What Is It?

To your surprise, Raheem isn’t a Muslim. What’s more, he’s been very open about his faith in God and how much it means to him.

Sterling is a devoted Christian raised in a Christian family. And following his statement in an interview with GQ Magazine, faith’s impact on his life and its meaning are massive to him.

Furthermore, the Brit with Jamaican roots is also part of England’s national squad and represents the country at the World Cup tournament in Qatar (2022).


His football beginnings initially started by joining the youth club Alpha & Omega. However, in 2003 he entered one of the top London clubs academy, which is the Queen’s Park Rangers Academy and stayed with them until 2010.

2010 was a massive breakthrough for Sterling as he entered football at the big door by joining Liverpool. Though he played only two seasons with the PL champion, he showed English football what he is made of.

Eventually, his skills were noticed by Manchester City – where he transferred for an outstanding sum of £50m (2015). This transfer was marked as the highest transfer paid for an English player (at the time).

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