What You Don’t Know About Sean Bridon

Who Is Sean Bridon?

Sean Bridon is a popular African artist who was born in Gabonese and also raised in there. He makes videos and upload them on social media. He is a very productive artist who regularly release new videos to the delight of his fans. On his YouTube channel, he has 3Millions fans and on his Facebook page he has reached 20M+ followers.

Sean Bridon

Career Path of Sean Bridon

Sean Bridon is basically a name of a comedy video creator’s channel name. The channel controls and maintains Sane Africa. On this TV channel, all employees also maintain the direction officially. A little person and a ladies are also one of the parts of this post. All the cast is also living in this country. The main purpose of the channel is to give entertainment to their fan followers and other online users. The page has 12M+ followers on Facebook and 3Millions followers on YouTube channel.


From this channel, Sean and his teammates earn over $500 US Dollars and they generally take $30 Thousand Dollars on average for attending any event.
He has a foundation called “Un coeur pour la mission”. It is a foundation leading projects of national solidarity for orphans. It has existed for 2 years and it continues to grow. It’s a dream come true for him.

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