What You Should Know About Zachary Taylor Warner

Who Is Zachary Taylor Warner?

Zachary Taylor Warner is famous for being the adopted son of Kurt Warner. During her time, Kurt was among the best football quarterbacks in the NFL. Zachary has been partially blind for over 30 years due to a traumatic brain injury he suffered as an infant.

Zachary Taylor Warner

Zachary Taylor Warner was born on 29 April 1989 in the United States. His mother is called Brenda Carney Meoni, while his father is Neil. Both Zachary’s parents worked in the United States Marine Corps. Additionally, his mother is a licensed nurse, philanthropist, and New York Times bestselling author. Brenda Warner’s son, Zachary, was adopted by the former American football quarterback Kurt Warner after the football quarterback married Zachary’s mom on 11 October 1997. Zachary was eight years old at the time.

What happened to Zachary Taylor Warner?

Warner’s son was not born blind. At birth, his eyesight was intact. His biological father accidentally dropped Taylor in a bathtub, leaving him with brain damage that almost left him totally blind. He was four months old at the time.

Zach Warner’s accident left him injured for a lifetime, and he had to grow up with a traumatic brain injury. Shortly after the incident, he began facing life-threatening complications. As a result, his mother had to take a hardship discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps in 1990 to care for him. Despite the professional doctors’ ruling that Zach would not survive, he has grown into an adult. Zach’s mother told Los Angeles Times that Neil divorced her because he could not deal with his guilt over their son’s accident. The former U.S. marine officer added that Neil suffered from a brain tumour accompanied by seizures and could not work.


Zachary Taylor Warner’s personal life became a subject of interest following the media’s coverage of his disability. He is known to have inspired his parents to establish Treasure House, a Christian-based facility in Phoenix, Arizona. The organisation offers housing assistance to young people with cognitive difficulties.

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