Where Is Mason Jenkins Today And Who Is He?

Mason Jenkins was the brother to Jennifer Jenkins who was noted to have killed his sister, and only confessed years after.

Young Jenkins and sister, Jennifer

The Story In Full

On the cold winter evening of January 6, 1998, Brian and Leslie Jenkins returned to their Chatham, Ontario, home after a long day of work. They called out to their two children, Mason and Jennifer, but the house remained eerily silent. Suddenly, Leslie found herself face to face with large streaks of blood leading from a recliner in the family room to the basement. On the bottom of the stairs, was Jennifer’s blood-soaked body.

Brian frantically dialed 911 as he attempted to revive his daughter, to no avail. Jennifer had been shot five timeswith a rifle; three times in the head and twice in the chest. The bubbly 18-year-old known for her kind nature and contagious laugh was pronounced dead within minutes.

The Jenkins feared Mason had been hurt as well, but he was nowhere to be found. On the kitchen table were two Wills naming him the beneficiary to their assets upon their deaths. Brian and Leslie were particularly confused since they weren’t the ones who had written them.

Mason was captured while fleeing the scene on horseback. He insisted Jennifer was killed by four masked men who broke into their home, threw him into a white van, and took off before he managed to escape. Detectives didn’t buy it and when asked why he murdered his own sister, Mason made a statement that ultimately sealed his own fate:

Detective: Did you hate her that much?

Mason: No, I didn’t hate my sister. Why would I hate my sister, she bent over backwards for me!

Detective: Yes, she did.

Mason: She cared more than, you know…probably more than anybody. She had more faith in me than sometimes my parents did. I got no reason to hate her. I got no reason to blow her f*ckin’ head off. You know, I got no reason whatsoever to do anything.

Mason Jenkins and parents

Detective: Who told you she was shot in the head?

Mason was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. The prosecution argued that he not only murdered his own sister but that he had also planned to kill his parents.


There was a film produced in that regards. In 1998, 20-year-old Mason Jenkins was charged with the murder of his own sister. His parents, who stood by him as he claimed innocence during and after the trial, could have disowned him when he finally confessed to the shooting. But they chose instead to hold on to what remained of their family. This riveting film tells the Jenkinses’ story and shows how the trauma and horror of their loss has played out in a most unexpected way. Interviews with Mason and legal authorities shed light on the strange manner in which he tried to rationalize the killing and conceal his guilt, while conversations with Brian and Leslie Jenkins explore the reasoning behind their conciliatory parenting. Produced in Canada.

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