Who Are Kate Abdo Parents?

Kate Abdo is a British broadcaster who is a major in international sports broadcasting. She is widely known all over the UK, Spain, Frane, Germany, and the USA.

Kate is majorly known as the broadcaster of the UEFA Champions League, which is currently the biggest football league in the world.

Kate Abdo

Who Are Kate Abdo Parents?

The specifics of Kate Abdo’s parents like their name and age are not available on the web. However, there are a few bits of information regarding them available.

Kate Adbo’s parents were both sports teachers and were great fans of soccer.

Hence, it was not difficult for her to pursue her career in broadcasting sports like soccer.

There is not much information regarding how they met and others, but they were of Arabic ancestry. They have 2 children: Kate and her elder brother.

They have birth to their daughter on September 8, 1981, in Manchester, United Kingdom, and named her Kate Giles, who later changed her name to Kate Abdo after marriage.


Kate Abdo’s ethnicity is Arabic and regarding her family background, they have Arabic ancestry. However, she is not Arab.

She is British and only her ethnic background is Arabic. Her family’s last name Giles is a British name and she and also her parents are of British nationality and born in the UK.

It is obvious that people question this since she openly states that she is of Arabic descendant and her ethnicity is Arabic.

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