Who Is Leila Hormozi Trans?

Leila Hormozi, a thriving entrepreneur and dedicated fitness enthusiast, identifies herself as a woman. It is crucial to prioritize respect and acknowledgment for individuals’ self-identified genders, avoiding assumptions rooted in rumors or external appearances.

Is Leila Hormozi a Trans??

Leila Hormozi confidently asserts her identity as a woman, reaffirming her gender despite prevalent rumors and misconceptions. Her steadfast commitment to recognizing herself as female emphasizes the importance of respecting individuals’ self-identified genders.

Leila Hormozi firmly identifies as a woman, and her consistent affirmation of her gender remains an integral aspect of her personal identity. Regardless of any rumors or misconceptions, it is essential to honor and recognize individuals’ self-identified genders, refraining from making assumptions about their identities.

Speculation about Leila Hormozi’s Voice

Rumors about Leila Hormozi’s sexuality have been sparked by the intriguing aspect of her distinct voice, with some perceiving it to have a more masculine quality. This unique vocal characteristic has prompted speculation and inquiries about her identity. Nevertheless, it is crucial to emphasize that the rumors surrounding her voice should not be construed as indicative of her sexual orientation or gender identity.


Leila Hormozi’s path in the fitness and bodybuilding industry was defined by her unwavering dedication. In the initial phases of her career, she employed a range of supplements and steroids to elevate her physical performance and aesthetics. It is worth noting that an excess of these substances can sometimes bring about changes in an individual’s voice. In Leila’s instance, the modification in her vocal quality could potentially be attributed to the substances she incorporated into her fitness journey.

Leila Hormozi’s life journey is characterized by her fervor for fitness, entrepreneurship, and personal exploration. Since a young age, her captivation with physical fitness and sports has played a pivotal role in shaping her current well-defined physique. Serving as the co-CEO of Acquisition.com and a prominent personal trainer in Orange County, she exemplifies the fusion of passion and profession. Despite circulating reports and rumors regarding her sexuality, Leila has explicitly affirmed that she has not undergone any gender-related surgeries. She remains steadfast in her commitment to the gender she identified with since birth.


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