Who Is Sarah Laud On TikTok?

Who Is Sarah Laud?

Colgate University is investigating two racist TikToks made by a student known as Sarah Laud.

What Did Sarah Laud Do?

Students at Colgate University are facing administrative discipline and online backlash after a series of racist TikToks have gone viral. The first TikTok was posted by a student admitted to the university’s class of 2024 who had yet to start her time on campus, while another was made by current students at Colgate.

These TikToks come as Black Lives Matterprotesters call out police brutality and systemic racism in America, holding marches for several weeks across the country.

A student’s admission to Colgate was revoked over a racist TikTok. The original TikTok shared by the admitted student was reposted on Instagram by a former high school student at Morristown-Beard High School. In the video, the girl, who has been identified as Sarah Laude, uses TikTok’s green screen feature to show a Google search for “African American.” She then zooms in on the “shopping” tab.

“Get in loser, we’re going shopping,” she mouths along to the audio, while the caption reads “it’s a joke please don’t come at me.”


“Day #2 of MBS kids being blatantly disrespectful and insensitive,” the caption on the post reads.

The video identifies that Sarah was planning to attend Colgate University.

According to the Colgate Maroon-News, the college’s weekly newspaper, students at Colgate Unversity called for the TikTok to be investigated and for the student’s expulsion. On June 23, the university announced they had revoked her admission to Colgate

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