Who Is Sneako Girlfriend In 2023?

Is Sneako Dating Anyone? He Keeps Sharing Photos With This Female Influencer on a Boat. Sneako has been with several women in his lifetime. Here’s what we know about his past relationships and whether or not he is currently dating.

Who Is Sneako?

Sneako is a controversial Islamic social media influencer, has previously spoken out against haram, which suggests that he’s opposed to physical intimacy and casual dating without the intention to marry. Despite this, he has been linked to several women over the years and admitted to being in at least one open relationship. Most recently, Sneako was photographed with a popular female influencer on a boat raising questions about his relationship status.

Is Sneako dating anyone?

He has been posting photos with another influencer on Twitter who looks like @mayasimiii. Sneako is believed to be single. However, in September 2023, he shared several photos on Twitter where he appeared to be spending time with a woman on a boat. The woman on the boat is believed to be named Maya, better known as @mayasimiii on TikTok.

In one of the photos with this woman, Sneako’s caption read, “I wish this was Pearl.” It is unclear who Pearl is, though.


Sneako was in a relationship with a woman named Xena in April 2023.

In April 2023, Sneako was linked to another woman named Xena, known as @xenathewitcher on Twitter. It wasn’t clear what the nature of their relationship was and if it was open. However, Sneako was seen in the back of a livestream video sitting on the couch with Xena, who was visibly kissing another woman.

Many fans called Sneako a hypocrite for being with Xena, with one person commenting that they were “making a mockery of Islam for clout.”

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