Who is The Asher House’s Girlfriend?

Who Is Lee Asher?

Lee Asher is a corporate-job-holder-turned-dog-promoter. He runs The Asher House, a registered non-profit sanctuary for dogs in Estacada, Oregon. The organisation promotes animal rescue, and it was. Lee and Luke Barton started by adopting and fostering dogs from different shelters, and the population has grown.

Lee Asher and former girlfriend

Lee Asher’s highly associated with the shelter that he is often called “The Asher House”, and the name has stuck with fans. On top of his work with The Asher House, Lee started a successful Kickstarter campaign. The primary intent of the campaign was to raise $57,000.

Does Asher Have A Girlfriend?

There is nothing in public indicating that Lee Asher is in a relationship or he’s married. There might be a possibility that he is dating someone but has decided to keep them away from the limelight.  However, it is known that Lee Asher once dated a lady known as Sydney Febrache. Sydney is a native of Indiana, and she started dating Lee sometime in 2016 or 2017. They enjoyed their time together, and they adopted some rescue dogs. They likely became fond of one another because they were interested in rescuing dogs. Sydney is also a blogger and has over 287,000 followers on Instagram.

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