Who Is The Infamous Adriel Alvarado?

Adriel Alvarado was a gangster in jail for six years as a punishment for weapon possession inside the jail.

Adriel Alvarado and his partner 

Meet Adriel Alvarado’s Partner

Mona Alvarado is a trans-woman who was diagnosed with GID or gender identity disorder and spent some time in prison. Some reports say that she has been diagnosed with the disorder. Adriel Alvarado and Mona alvarado were partners. Mona Alvarado’s struggle for her survival and fight being a transgender person has shown light to many such people behind bars and also shows how vulnerable they are. It also says that they misuse the protocols made for their protection to some extent.

How did Adriel Alvarado die?

The death of Adriel Alvarado is a tragedy. A group of unidentified people intended to shoot two policemen in northeast Philadelphia. This is one of the major incidents that has left people in tremendous shock. The entire world still can’t process this utter tragedy. Not only his friends and family but a citizen of the whole of America was shocked after getting the news. This incident has shown that crimes are pretty easy to be carried out.

This situation was uncalled for and the police personnel then set up an inquiry to find out the deeper details about the incident. They aimed to proceed with the investigation to serve justice in the United States of America. There were no clues or information about how it all happened and how did the gunmen escape from the crime spot. The search is still on and people are expecting to see justice being served in their land.


It is said that the police officers were hit with gunfire by a man who shot himself after shooting police. The incident has been shocking because the man not only killed himself but also shot himself and people are confused because they are wondering to know the cause of the shooting police. This news has sought the attention of people on the account of the hidden story behind this shocking crime. Although he attacked officers yet the police officers are in stable condition. Although the police department working on both cases has not confirmed the name of the suspect yet people are considering the name of the suspect to be Adriel Alvarado.

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